About Hero In U

Jensen L. Denoyes, MBA, founded Hero In U. It was initially a motivational speaker platform, but Denoyes decided to turn it into an educational TV show. The show focuses on different communities in the area and follows a different topic every episode. Hero In U also finds local “heroes” who relate to the issues and connect them to a comic book at the end of every show.

Growing up, Denoyes enjoyed reading comic books. He later came up with the idea for “Hero” and combined his love of comics with real-life figures and issues in southeastern Massachusetts.

The show has traveled to places like Brockton and Marshfield, MA, to find people who connect to ideas such as taking initiative, overcoming fear, innovation, and more. From Boston Celtics’ Phil Pressey and Marvel Comics’ Mark Waid to college students and mayors, individuals share how they learn to empower themselves to overcome obstacles. The show’s goal is to touch lives, one episode at a time, so that you can find the Hero In U.